About Monte’s Nonfiction Blog

One day the trains stopped coming, what did all those employees do?

As a passionate lover of great nonfiction books and authors and in hoping to provide some job search guidance much of the content posted here will revolve around books of the job search, career, entrepreneurial pursuits and personal development. Other related blogs and material will be heralded here as well. Please contact me for more information. May you find your own stimulus here.




2 Responses to About Monte’s Nonfiction Blog

  1. Steve Platt says:

    Great to see the blog Monte!
    Found you when exploring my Google Reader (first time review of this tool I placed into action more than a year ago). I was zipping through noticed LinkeIn’s updates feed and after 3 scrolls there was your blog.

    I am meeting today with a networking friend to put some focus to my blog … I will launch by July 15. Would love to connect with you and to share experience as blogs get rolling.

    Looking forward to the great content here. Belive your are providing a great service and as conditions permit you will see me at the monthly sessions. Till then my friend.
    All the best to you.

    Steve Platt

    • Thanks Steve,

      A great deal to learn here. Both in content and in just how to blog and use the platforms. Lte’s do try and get together.

      Thanks again- you were my very first “comment.”


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