Be Challenged! Read “Get Rich Click!”

Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Open Discussion on the Book Written by Marc Ostrofsky

Tuesday evening 06.05.12 at 7

Greetings All,

Could you be self-employed and just not know it? For the many that have been left unemployed or under-employed in recent years the economy is not giving any signs of major improvement regardless of who gets elected next year. Can you afford to wait? Continuing on the theme from last week we will look at additional options for entrepreneurship. In “Get Rich Click!” Marc Ostrofsky offers proven methodology and strategies revolving around online entities. Many of the opportunities Ostrofsky presents can be handled while you are still looking for a W-2 job or holding one.

The special emphasis this week will be on creating and operating your own web site, also, functioning as an affiliate. Marc shows the ropes on how to create/choose a product or service, setup a way to be paid, handle shipping, delivery, and service. Why not take a shot at some of the opportunities outlined in “Get Rich Click!” You own a computer and have Internet service or you wouldn’t be reading this. Or you could keep waiting for The Man or politicians to make things better.

 “Get Rich Clicks” For Discussion:

  • What “niche” could you fill in the digital marketplace?
  • Define “need and fulfillment”
  • Repeat question: Is your current employer or current industry looking out for you?
  • Repeat question: How much time do you waste per week that could be used to create a viable enterprise?
  • Repeat question: What are your “excuses?” “But, but, but…?”
  • Repeat question: What if you “fail?”
  • Repeat question: How are those “retirement projections” looking about now?
  • Repeat question: What is “job security?”
  • Repeat question: Next steps?

 “Taking action is my mantra for success. Get Rich Click will show you how to take
action online. This is a book that will move you toward your dream of building an
online business.” – Les Brown

 Join us, won’t you?


What else could you be doing?

What else could you be doing?

$timulus: An Open Book and Networking Group

Barnes & Noble in the Streets of West Chester

(I-75 Exit 19 Union Centre Blvd., Past The Rave Theater)

9455 Civic Centre Boulevard, West Chester, OH 45069

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 P.M. (Weather Permitting)

There is no charge for $timulus!!!

Monte at 513.769.6313 or


About MonteWashburn

Greetings, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Monte, a passionate lover of a great spectrum of nonfiction books and authors and in hoping to provide some guidance to the many currently unemployed or under-employed persons much of the content posted here will revolve around books of the job search, career, entrepreneurial pursuits and personal development. Other related blogs and material will be heralded here as well. And a little fiction just may sneak in as well from time to time. May you find your own stimulus here. Expectantly, Monte
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