Imagine: How Creativity Works

Open Discussion on the Book Written by Jonah Lehrer

Tuesday evening 04.10.12 at 7

Greetings All,

Is “creativity” your missing ingredient to success?” Just what is that and how do you get it? Is it in your DNA, the stars, or totally random luck? Is it a gift for merely the chosen few or is it a learnable trait available to the masses? Jonah Lehrer proclaims that creativity is much more about hard work, perseverance, and dedication to not giving up during the tough times. And Lehrer should know. He is used to looking at things from unique angles and with a unique approach of combining journalistic, entertainer, and scientific skills. In some ways the book disappointed me as I was hoping for some magic potion or sacred pathway to enlightenment. Whether you instantly recognize his name or not you have probably been exposed to Lehrer in a number of forums. He is prominently upon the pages of Wired, WSJ, Scientific American Mind, Boston Globe, others and on NPR’s Radiolab.

This book may offer far more than Jonah Lehrer even realizes in helping find both personal and global solutions as it percolates outward. Lehrer states “Every creative journey begins with a problem.” In that simple statement resides both the blessing and the curse of the need for creativity. While society loudly celebrates the breakthroughs it often ignores or downplays the long, twisted, at times painful and at other times playful path that lead to the “Eureka!” moment. Staid thinking and personal bias also cloud our willingness to explore or even consider alternative answers.  Fans of either Doug Hall or Harold and the Purple Crayon” will love this book.

Even the sentence structure in this work has a refined tone reminiscent of a fine novel with delicate flavorings of poetry and prose, rarely found in nonfiction. I confess! I have read this book too fast as it tickles the mind and make you gulp it down like a novice at their first wine tasting. I will have to return to every page and sip it properly. Perhaps I will do this it while partaking of one of the bacon-infused cocktails mentioned within chapter five.  Cheers to “Imagine: How Creativity Works.”

“Imagine” for Discussion:

  • Have you hit your “wall or impasse?”
  • Can you admit and embrace your “problem and frustration?”
  • What do you really mean when you say that you are “stumped?”
  • Have you ever experienced a “Eureka!” moment?
  • How does “creativity” happen? How do we reach an understanding?
  • Can different colors influence creativity?
  • What does “collaboration” have to do with it?
  • Why does Proctor and Gamble clean-up in the “creativity” zone?
  • How do we sabotage our own genius?
  • What do puzzles illustrate about being puzzled- or not?
  • Why does the “epiphany” sometimes come after you have given-up?
  • What role does “anger” play in creativity? Good or bad? (Hint: Page 161)

 “Always carry a light bulb.”  —Bob Dylan

“Creativity is the residue of wasted time.” — Albert Einstein

“The struggle of maturity is to recover the seriousness of a child at play” — Frederic Nietzsche

Join us, won’t you?


Can you learn "creativity?"

Can you learn "creativity?"

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GUY LARAMEE BOOK SCULPTURES- Epic-Book-Landscape-Carving-Artwork-9


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