An Elegant Read on “The Art of Conversation” written by Catherine Blyth…

Open Book and Discussion Group based on the book:

The Art of Conversation: A Guided Tour of a Neglected Pleasure

The book was written by Catherine Blyth

Discussion (Conversation) Tuesday evening 11.22.11 at 7

Greetings All,

We need to talk- to have a conversation about, well, the conversation. Some of us, under times of stress, find that our power message gets a tad paltry, our elevator speech gets stuck between floors and our USP sounds rather common, far too salesy, and more like a mere proposition. Perhaps the job search is not going well? Maybe the quotas and the spreadsheet aren’t looking so pretty? And yes, small talk can seem insignificant and small and you just aren’t in the mood perhaps. But through all history much has hinged upon the “art of conversation.” How good are you?

Poor conversationalists, the shy, the Introverted? Are we doomed?  Catherine Blyth says that we are not doomed. Not even in a world that has become increasingly shallow, high-speed, techno-distanced, disconnected and superficial. She challenges us to recapture the beauty and art of the conversation and to take it to new heights. Furthermore, the holiday season is the perfect season to flex your conversational muscles. The holidays often abound with multiple opportunities to meet new and diverse persons. They provide an excuse to reconnect with old friends and to interact in new and different ways with your established circles.  But do you maximize those opportunities? You can still create a strategy to make a meaningful impact now and throughout the coming year if you make a goal of it?

A short review of this eloquent work by Blyth will be presented on Tuesday evening and then we’ll talk. Hopefully we will have a great conversation. We always do.

“Conversation” Points Not to be “Neglected:”

  • Why are we having this conversation? Do you know your objectives?
  • Is “small talk” ever really small? If so, why?
  • When and why did we start “neglecting conversation?”
  • What is a “social conjuror?”
  • And of what value is “laughter?”
  • Why do we fear the “big conversations” and what are they about?
  • How do you “tailor topics?” What’s “off-limits?”
  • “Um, ah, er, and, like- you know” verbal mitigation
  • What if circumstances are hindering your conversations this year?
  • Huh? What was that about “active listening?”
  • What made “Andy Warhol a conversational genius?”
  • And what of “silence?” How much, when, and where?
  • What are the dangers of isolation and failure to connect during the season?
  • But what if I’m “shy” or “introverted” or a Grinch?
  • What do the “visual cues” tell you?
  • Balancing talking and listening, how best to?
  • How do you survive a conversational “FAIL?”
  • What about “bores, conversational hijackers and other miscreants?”

“As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.” – Benjamin Franklin

Our conversations always continue at Steak & Shake after we conclude at B&N.

Join us, won’t you?


We need to talk!

$timulus: An Open Book and Networking Group

Barnes & Noble in the Streets of West Chester

(I-75 Exit 19 Union Centre Blvd., Past The Rave Theater)

9455 Civic Centre Boulevard, West Chester, OH 45069

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 P.M.

There is no charge for $timulus!!!

Monte at 513.769.6313 or



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