Joan Borysenko’s Great Book on Not Getting “FRIED”

Open Book and Discussion Group based on the book:

Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive

The book was written by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D

Discussion Tuesday evening 11.15.11 at 7

Greetings All,

Come now the holidays once more. Do they bring you cheer or drear? Season’s Greetings or Season’s GRIEFings? When you find yourself getting “Fried” during the holidays do you find that it is easier to get steamed too?  I am dedicated to not getting “FRIED” this season. And thus, I felt the need to read and review the excellent book by the same title written by Joan Borysenko. Heed her wisdom and find a deeper peace throughout what is often a torturous time for many. I will attempt to justice to this work but I challenge you to find a copy or download an eBook and read it yourself.

We have been cultured in a society that does all possible to get us to stress-out to the max in terms of meeting unreal holiday images and demands. Have you ever sat down and formulated a strategy of coping and controlling the holiday stress. There is no way to control everything but much can be decided in advance. That includes advance tactics about how you will respond to the random Scrooges, Grinches, and winter winds that may come your way. Consider yourself challenged to do less this holiday season- less gift-giving, less shopping, less spending, and less driving around, less grit-your’s-teeth-and-bare-it corporate and/or church and/or extended family, and/or civic obligatory smiles and handshakes.

Borysenko challenges us all to a self-reflection exercise asking: “What did you once enjoy?” This question makes more sense during the holidays than ever. What activities and traditions should you be doing or dumping? Are there new ones that better fit these times? Perhaps serving in volunteer ways or giving donations rather than Wal-Martish gifts? Would a smorgasbord of delights spread out throughout the day be more relaxing than the attempt at a Norman Rockwell ideal or Martha Stewardesque dinner attempting to recreate a Courier and Ives plate scene? Why not carve a Christmas Pizza instead of a huge turkey that required three-days of project management efforts and still ends up a tad dry? You get the point and you know that you should “re-think” the holidays. Will this be the year? You decide. Our open discussion just might help you. Don’t stress about reading the book in advance of Tuesday night. I will hit the high points for you.


  • What did you used to do for the holidays that nourished you and revived you?
  • What do you hate doing but continue to do year after year? Why?
  • What activities might you add back into your life to make the holidays rich again? Not including cash or debt!
  • Is there just one thing you could start or restart to reinvigorate you? Exercise, meditation, jazz, oil painting, journaling, reading?
  • Are you able to claim one or two hours per day for yourself?
  • What are the potential dangers of allowing the season to lash you about?
  • Without thinking about it can you name your top three priorities for the season? For life?
  • What new creativity might you bring to the season?
  • Does “learned helplessness” overwhelm you throughout the holidays or at any time?
  • What are the “biological factors” at work here?
  • What can you say “NO” to?

 “For fast-acting relief try slowing down.” – Lily Tomlin

Hope that you aren’t too “Fried” to join us.” Following our discussion at B&N we will head over to Steak & Shake where “FRIED” is always a good thing.

Join us, won’t you?


Are you "Fried" or chill for the holidays? How so?

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