How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age…

Open Book and Discussion Group based on the book:

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

The book was written by Brent Cole and Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

Discussion Tuesday evening 10.25.11 at 7

Greetings All,

Is it really so different? Is it better or worse? Are you clicking well with others around the digital worldwide coffee pot? Or do you feel isolated behind a computer screen or smart phone pad? Are the friends that you make online as “real” as the ones that you used to meet in person? Or are they somehow more distant and less invested? Is the success of using social media to find jobs, customers, love, and riches real or is has it been greatly exaggerated by those standing to profit from getting you on their digital streetcar?

The late Dale Carnegie couldn’t be here to personally participate in this chat but Brent Cole and others from Dale Carnegie & Associates have attempted to channel in what Mr. C. might have said to us if he could be here today. It is a valiant effort though it does miss the spot in numerous places. Simply put, just like making friends on the Internet and on the social media circuit it could be better. Ah, but how do we make it better? The content and value mine from the online and meshed experience is ours for the engineering.  Aren’t we the ones that must add and subtract magic from the technology? How do we do that?

“Friendings and Discussion Likes and Unlikes:”

  • Are you making friends? Digitally speaking?
  • Lurkers? A good or bad thing and why?
  • How vital is virtual in your life?
  • Are you LinkedIn or Linked Out? You had better Beknownst somewhere! Smugmugs show!
  • Going digital for a purpose or just playing Angry Birds?
  • Filters? Sorting the quality content from the deafening chatter, how?
  • Are you a super-connector? Finding them?
  • Are you looking for super-connectors? Finding them?
  • Do you mine meaningful information at the digital coffee pot or just Angry Birds?
  • Do you judge others based upon their LinkedIn, FB, twitter and/or MySpace pages? Fair?
  • Do you or have you leveraged networking, business and/or jobs via digital media?
  • What about dual-universe groups that meet both in reality and in cyberspace?
  • Is your 401K and portfolio doing better in Secondlife?
  • Do any of your sites really incubate business or reap “monetization?” Cha-ching factor?
  • Is Google, Facebook, twitter and others the new Yellow Pages? Why/Why Not?
  • What is your Meetup flavor? Social causes, movements, brands, loves, hates, hobbies, blogs or vlogs?
  • Who and where are the avatars of success and digital HAPPENess  incubators?
  • Forging change? Is the Tea Party, Occupiers, Egyptian Springers’ or American Autumn getting it right?
  • What is the role of innovation and entrepreneurship standing at the global digital coffee pot?
  • What do we all still need to learn about the digital revolution?
  • What role will the digital universe play in the future of education and job training?
  • Is the role of matchmaker coming back? Business, Social Interests? Yep, Love too?
  • What about friends, frenemies, and unfriends on the digital battleground? What are the rules of war?
  • What’s shak’n at the digital coffee pot regarding war? Healthcare? Education? Infrastructure…?
  • Are you more or less digitally invested in the world digital chat than five years ago? Ten?

“Arouse in the other person an eager want.” – Dale Carnegie

Following $timulus we will have coffee and refreshments F2F and real-time at Steak & Shake!

Join us, won’t you?


Is it really any diferent in the "Digital Age?" How so?

$timulus: An Open Book and Networking Group

Barnes & Noble in the Streets of West Chester

(I-75 Exit 19 Union Centre Blvd., Past The Rave Theater)

9455 Civic Centre Boulevard, West Chester, OH 45069

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 P.M.

There is no charge for $timulus!!!

Monte at 513.769.6313 or

The original work by the original man is still the best!


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