“Obliquity” says John Kay, offers a better route…

Open Book and Discussion Group based on the book:

Obliquity: Why Our Goals Are Best Achieved Indirectly

The book was written by John Kay

Discussion Tuesday Evening 07.19.11 at 7


John Kay asks- “Have you ever done any productive muddling?”

Greetings All,

Is your job search, career, or sales approach a chess match or a pinball video game? Which should it be? Economist and author John Kay takes the abstract path of algebraic theorems and equations to prove that the seemingly long way may get you where you want to go best and fastest. That last sentence bloody hurts my head but he makes his point as only an eloquent Scottish gent can. Come aboard for “Obliquity,” as we take clues from Mr. Kay on how to chart the watery trails that often leave few landmarks or definitive words or stars to steer by. On no stranger tides may lay success. Complex goals often require complex navigation so says he.

In a true application of “Obliquity” we will discuss the subject of obliquity as we write our own book, or possibly blog, on Social Networking in Cincinnati. Who, what, where, when and why are the best worthy of their superlatives? And especially what are the best places to network that don’t APPEAR to be networking locations?

Beware the doldrums, reefs and drift not. No matter which way the wind blows or the currents cut we hope that you will chart a course into “Obliquity” this Tuesday evening. We now wrap by nine o’clock to allow for more open networking.

Impetus of “Obliquity” Inertia:

  • Why isn’t the straightest path always the best approach?
  • Are “the happiest people those that pursue happiness the most?”
  • Are “the most profitable companies those that pursue profit the most?”
  • Are “the wealthiest individuals the most materialistic?”
  • Let’s explore “the paradox of the means helping us discover the end”
  • Does the theory of “Obliquity” differ between business, career, and love issues?
  • Is this all merely “muddling?” Perhaps strategic muddling or applied chaos?
  • Are there multiple answers solutions?
  • Do we see random job landings as engineered designs after the fact?
  • Is taking an oblique path too complicated for many?
  • What if Brunelleschi had been a job coach instead of a cathedral builder?
  • What does Beckham know about “Obliquity?” David, not Posh! Well, maybe?

“A lot of people want a shortcut. I find the best shortcut is the long way, which is basically two words: work hard.” — Randy Pausch, “The Last Lecture

Upon concluding at Barnes & Noble and with paltry little obliquity we will make our way to Steak & Shake.

Join us directly, won’t you?


Is "Obliquity" the straightest path? John Kay says "Often!"

$timulus: An Open Book and Networking Group

Barnes & Noble in the Streets of West Chester

(I-75 Exit 19 Union Centre Blvd., Past The Rave Theater)

9455 Civic Centre Boulevard, West Chester, OH 45069

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 P.M.

Free! There is no charge for $timulus!!!

Monte at 513.769.6313 or montewashburn@gmail.com

Monte Washburn’s Nonfiction Blog Link: https://montewashburn.wordpress.com/


About MonteWashburn

Greetings, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Monte, a passionate lover of a great spectrum of nonfiction books and authors and in hoping to provide some guidance to the many currently unemployed or under-employed persons much of the content posted here will revolve around books of the job search, career, entrepreneurial pursuits and personal development. Other related blogs and material will be heralded here as well. And a little fiction just may sneak in as well from time to time. May you find your own stimulus here. Expectantly, Monte
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