How to Get Out of Your Own Way: the transforming new book by Tyrese Gibson

Open Book and Discussion Group based on the book:

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

The book was written by Tyrese Gibson

Discussion Tuesday Evening 06.28.11 at 7


Greetings All,

Could self-sabotage be hindering your job search, career or relationship goals? I know that I am my own worst enemy. What surprises me is the number of people who have no comprehension of the self-defeating and damaging behavior that they employ in their lives. Not just the large stuff but the subtle issues that often stay just beneath the radar. You know what I am talking about. You see it in others easily. But in the mirror it appears much foggier.

Tyrese Gibson teethed on the streets of Watts and the first thirty-eight pages of How To Get Out Of Your Own Way are agonizingly painful in that no child should have to endure the lifestyle that he experienced. His life young life sucked beyond suck and yet he still finds sentimentality about the harsh place and the wild bouquet of crazy characters that helped forge him into the successful person that he is today. The intense personal authenticity of his voice has not been polished away by an editor or ghost writer for the purposes of marketability. The sentences are often laced in ghetto tones and slang that echo off the hard surfaces of the Watts landscape and mental war zone that rages there. Tyrese learned goals the hard way. He realized young that he “had to get out of the streets of Watts.” If ever he lapsed in that awareness there were the spent shell casings of AK-47 bullets throughout his neighborhood.

Job seekers and those encountering career battles should take careful note of the messages both in his words and those between the lines. Tyrese accepts no whining and gets up off the mat no matter how hard he is hit. He feels that God lays many opportunities before all of us on a daily basis and that we often block or ignore them for a variety of reasons. This is not to say that Ty has a passive or predestined approach about anything. He stays in virtual constant mental and physical motion in “seeking God’s plan” all the while exuding an inner-fire of searing personal ambition and still seeking divine intervention and guidance from above. Mr. Gibson possesses a level of faith that I am unable to comprehend in the face of his early challenges or those present in the world today. An Atheist might have called this book: The Luckiest Dude Ever in Watts.

Behind the public bravado of his career that has spanned music, male modeling, acting, public speaking and now authorship Tyrese is a suave businessman that has come under the strong mentorship of Will Smith, Deepak Chopra and others. In just s few days, as USAF Master Sergeant Robert Epps, he will call in strikes against the attacking Decepticons in the newest Transformers sequel. He will prevail. Tyrese Gibson has faced greater evils and triumphed. Learn from him in this book. We’ll talk Tuesday night Cuz!

“Own Way” Discussion Points:

  • If handed an empty book with a spine that read “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” what would you write?
  • Ty and his friends were rejected by one of the Crips. Has a rejection in your life ever been for the best?
  • Do you “love yourself” enough to always look out for yourself?
  • What does Tyrese mean by “Ideas are blessings?”
  • “What is your purpose?” beyond paying bills…
  • “Do you have a negative mind and spirit?”
  • How would one go about reprogramming a negative mind/spirit?
  • Where does faith factor into your journey?
  • “Every lesson is a blessing?” Really? Is that believable?
  • How does your home and personal surroundings affect your spirit?
  • Are you “the master of your environment?” What does that mean to you?
  • “Who are your five people?” Are they building you up or dragging you down?
  • “What is your bottom line?”
  • Are you serious about pushing yourself to the next level or just cruising?

 “You grow through what you go through” – John Hope Bryant

Are you ever "in your own way?"

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"Who are your five people?"


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One Response to How to Get Out of Your Own Way: the transforming new book by Tyrese Gibson

  1. danieljohnsonjr says:

    I haven’t read it yet, but I heard that “Do The Work” by Steven Pressfield is really good. It’s a 100-page manifesto which goes along the lines of getting out of your own way. Heard about it on Mitch Joel’s “Six Pixels of Separation” podcast recently.

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