Unemployed? Don’t apply. Dick Gordon interview with Kelly Wiedemer 04.12.11

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Thanks to Craig Stafford for tracking down the Dick Gordon podcast on this interview. This was the interview that Craig mentioned last night at $timulus.


Dick Gordon cuts to the heart of dealing with issues of being long-unemployed, getting stonewalled, being excluded, and less-than-supportive family members. I think that it needs to be heard and discussed in the community. There is much here for future discussion.

Unemployed? Don’t apply.

Kelly Wiedemer lost her job in the financial sector at the start of the recession almost three years ago. She says the problem now is that she has been out of work for so long, many employers won’t even give her resume a second look. Kelly says the one thing that has changed is that she’s become a lot more politically involved – she’s started writing and she’s determined to speak up on behalf of people who are being ignored because they’ve been out of work. Music: Flint, Sufjan Stevens



Monte L. Washburn
Gets Stuff Done!


04.18.11 UPDATE:


After three years of being unemployed from the financial/IT field Ms. Wiedemer has only five (5) paltry LinkedIn connections even though she was born and raised in the area, no summary, no recommendations, no specialties, no picture, and no membership or affiliation with any networking or job search groups. Her blog and her Facebook page are mere political arguments for why unemployment benefits should have “NO EXPIRATION DATE.” The failure to embrace and manifest change along with a suicidal level of personal brand damage have condemned this person to make it doubtful that any employer will ever want to touch this person. Ms. Wiedemer clearly needs help but not in the way that she thinks. I am a Dick Gordon fan but this interview fails to paint a complete picture.

Dick Gordon- NPR The Story


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Greetings, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Monte, a passionate lover of a great spectrum of nonfiction books and authors and in hoping to provide some guidance to the many currently unemployed or under-employed persons much of the content posted here will revolve around books of the job search, career, entrepreneurial pursuits and personal development. Other related blogs and material will be heralded here as well. And a little fiction just may sneak in as well from time to time. May you find your own stimulus here. Expectantly, Monte
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9 Responses to Unemployed? Don’t apply. Dick Gordon interview with Kelly Wiedemer 04.12.11

  1. $ebastian says:

    The whiney niners have been playing around on the net and comment boards for 2 years or better now. Their roll of the dice mindset that they would be working “any day now” has come up a loser. And all along they have been begging and whining for the govt to keep taking care of them while they search out that perfect job. Your failing plan that bugs politicians about giving you more free money is getting you attention, again just not the kind you were looking for. If you can’t land a job in 2 years you simply aren’t trying hard enough or going about it the wrong way…possibly both. Now employers aren’t interested in the people that haven’t worked for so long a time and you only have yourselves to blame. 3 years and no job and there are some to claim to have worked for 30 – 40 years straight. C’mon!

  2. Amy,

    You sound like you are so sure that there are “NO JOBS” that it is not even worth looking. So whining is MUCH more productive and makes you look like a great risk for an H/R person or hiring manager. Your own mentality is your worst enemy.

    A proper LinkedIn profile can tell a lot about a person including which job groups they attend and support. You can even show recommendations from other unless you suck and don’t have any.

    Ms. Wiedemer’s FB page and blog indicate that she is working full time for free as a blogger and benefits lobbyist- just the kind of person any employer is interested in looking at. She and many others have branded themselves as Whiner 99r’s and will doubtfully work again with a serious corporation.

    What is, is!

    Keep on keeping on!

  3. You will not find a job by getting 37 different sites to send you worthless updates twice a day. Nor by wasting your time raging against the government. I agree that they are all evil, GOP and DNC.

    You need to find a decent LOCAL job and career coach that can explain the way to get jobs in this economy.

    You should also look for a HEALTHY local job search group that is dedicated to finding job openings before they are posted and networking to get your name in the hat for THOSE positions. Career Builder and Monster both suck, so do all of the other billboards.

    Getting yourself branded online as a Whiner 99’s will just scare off potential employers. Congress can pass all the anti-discrimination bills they want but YOU still have to $$$ sue $$$ and PROVE that they picked on you. Good luck in that.

    Kelly Wiedemer is working full time as a blogger, Facebooker, benefits lobbyist and lawsuit threatening whiner when she isn’t “walking in the mountains with her dog.” she may not be getting paid for it but she certainly couldn’t convince an interviewer that she has time for a real job with all that she has going on on the side.

    Don’t waste your time trying to convince me otherwise, find a local HR persona and ask them if they would hire Ms. Wiedemer. Hell her own mother wouldn’t hire her.

    What is, is!

  4. You had hundreds of LinkedIn connections that could have helped you get a job and you deleted them because “of the companies that they represented.” Wow!

    • Yes, the Triangle story is dramatic. Spending your time and energy in this vain is NOT going to get you a new job.

      Congress, especially when GOP controlled, is not going to pass a law that says 99r’s must be hired out of pity.

      H/R will always seek the best candidate for each job and may or may not be a 99’r.

      You need a local job coach to help you repackage and re-market yourself.

    • You just sound like a nutcase that lives in a shed to me.
      Your comments have been “trashed.”

      • You are wasting your time whining.

        Tell it to the hiring manager. Convince $ebastion. Maybe somebody will hire you out of pity and sympathy or because Congress passes a law or Jesus comes again….

        I sense that you will be unemployed a long, long time.

        Your comments have been sent to “trash.”


  5. TFW46 says:

    Extending unemployment benefits may sound like a good idea at first glance. I’m sure that Lyndon Johnson thought this idea about offering welfare payments to the poor was a good idea too. Unfortunately, he didnt realize that many, if not most, of the people taking advantage of welfare charity would never get off it. I live in an area where there are many apartments filled with third-generation welfare recipients. What Kelly and other 99ers want could eventually produce the equivalent of third-generation unemployment recipients.

    I was unemployed several times in my working life. Instead of whining, I looked for ANY job I could get. My college degree didnt make me too good to get my hands dirty. Two of my more memorable jobs were cleaning empty filthy-dirty rent houses (many of which had no electricity in the hot summer) for a real estate agency during the days and also cleaning veterinary kennels at night. I did that for almost a year until I finally found work in my original field.

    Perhaps Kelly thinks her education makes her too good to seek a low-paying, if only temporary, job — so she’d rather collect money for doing nothing instead.

  6. Lance says:


    Thank you for posting this topic. Kelly W. is definitely a blog whore looking for an easy way out. I’ve seen her antics with the jail bird business. Her credentials are questionable. Yet she’s appears in several “99ers” blogs as an “advocate”.

    She was a business analyst for one year before being fired. Then she takes IT courses and suddenly is an unemployed IT Analyst? Who is she trying to fool? Certainly any seasoned hiring manager can see what my 10 year old son can see is that she’s toxic. Woe is me.

    It would be great if the media stories reveal the posers trying to be divas for posting versus true writers that are objective.

    Thanks Monte, hope your blog gets more exposure!

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