Can “thinking like everyone else keep you unemployed?”


A Review and Open Discussion on the Book:

The 6 Reason You’ll Get the Job: What Employers Look For- Whether They Know It or Not

The book written by Debra Angel MacDougal and Elisabeth Harney Sanders-Park

10.26.10 7 P.M.


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So what is holding you back? Continuing on some of the topics that we touched on last week we will focus largely on just a few pages dealing with “Thinking Like Everyone Else Can Keep You Unemployed.”  What are these pages? Where are we getting barricaded? Why aren’t we getting responses? What are the six and ONLY SIX areas that we should be focusing on? Are there new skills that we should be learning? Consciously and subconsciously a lot goes on during the job hunt and raising your awareness of what is really going on just may be the missing link. Are we guilty of self-sabotage? I’ll update this after we have talked on Tuesday evening.

If you are out of work, or working with people who are… you simply must read this book.
– Richard Bolles, best-selling author, “What Color is Your Parachute?”

Please do bring your business cards so that you can network with others as we make our way to Steak & Shake.

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What's holding you back?



10.26.10 SUMMARY: 

The authors do a great job or differentiating between the Open Job Market and the Closed Job Market and why you need to change strategy accordingly.

The authors also provide an acronym for remembering the six reasons that you should focus on in your search. This is the PADMAN approach. The authors relate this from the vantage point of the employer.

PADMAN states that the areas you should focus on are:







In The 6 Reason You’ll Get the Job, authors Debra Angel MacDougal and Elisabeth Harney Sanders-Park, point out that thinking like everyone else can keep you unemployed. Especially if the pack or packs that you travel with are negative minded, believe that you won’t find a job and you will probably fulfill that prophecy.

Yet it defense of the millions that are currently unemployed though it must be pointed out that from the eldest of the boomers to the youngest of the millennials we have not been taught how to network and search for jobs. Place the blame where you will but it was not taught to us. So now, lost herds of searchers, from college grads to those seeking only to run out the clock until retirement nervously look around for a shepherd to lead them. The good shepherds can be hard to find. Herds can be dangerous places. If you are spending hours every week engaged in group or volunteer activities with others that are couched in negative mind frames and non-profitable wasting of time, even noble wastes of time, you are not moving yourself closer to re-employment. At worst, you may find yourself in the middle of a stampede running straight off a cliff. Warning, a stampede is still a stampede even if it is moving in slow motion.

Hanging out in job search, job loss, networking, seminars and mass job fairs may feel comfortable and non-rejecting but in few instances do these venues lead to real jobs.

Financial commitments, lifestyle debts and resistance to change issues all complicate this as well. People vary widely on their levels of resilience and adaptability to new situations.

Some of the more common reasons cited:

  • The competition is to stiff for me, I can’t compete.
  • Monster, CareerBuilder, and the other job boards don’t work, don’t work for me.
  • Not finding anything in my field.
  • Not finding anything that I can even apply to.
  • I am too busy with childcare and/or eldercare issues to even look.
  • I hate getting rejected.
  • I really don’t know what I want to do anymore.
  • I wouldn’t hire me and other self-esteem issues.
  • I know that I should have better skills such as more Excel, more Word, more Powerpoint…
  • I am shy and introverted and I hate networking and cold calling…
  • I am too depressed to network and search.
  • I have EQ (emotional quotient) issues and other people don’t really like me.
  • I am over/under qualified.
  • I can’t find the hiring managers.
  • I’ll never be able to replace my salary, rebuild a sales territory, recreate…
  • My industry is dying, dead or moving offshore.
  • I am too old, too young, too fat, too whatever…
  • The jobs all get filled before I find out about them.
  • I am wasting my time with recruiters, agencies, services, job groups, seminars…
  • My background is weak.
  • The government, business, God, needs to create more jobs…
  • My education no longer applies.
  • My education is weak.
  • I made some bad mistakes in my past.
  • I have health issues that are getting in the way.
  • I have just given up.
  • I have lost hope.


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