Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Stick and Others Don’t

This book was reviewed and discussed on 01.19.10

We are bound to stick together for yet another marvelous book suggested by Mr. Daniel Johnson Jr.!
Are you “Made to Stick?” Could you be “stickier?” Is everything about you- your power message, your ideas, your resume, cover letters, business cards, blogs, podcasts, web sites and everything else about you “sticky?” By “Stick” the Heath brothers mean that you are exceptionally memorable and stay out in front of others. Are your points so clear, simple and concise that they can’t be misinterpreted or ignored? Do you and your ideas get “buzz?” Is there a certain charisma about you and your words that makes others want to come back for more? 
Why do some rumors and lies take hold while certain truths remain buried under the rubble of chatter and clatter? Could seemingly simple reframes change your success rate? Say thinking of “job interviews” as Disney Worldly auditions? Examples stretch from old advertisements to urban legends. Wizardly word-craft and storytelling leveraged into mesmerizing masterpieces of persuasion.
FASTEN-nating Thoughts:
The concept is directly pulled from Malcolm Gladwell who mentions “stickiness” in his bestsellers “The Tipping Point” and “Blink.” Chip and Dan Heath do justice adhering to the idea with their elaboration. Could a little cerebral duct tape be your personal “Tipping Point?”
While “Made to Stick” is not specifically written for job seekers numerous elements of the book do apply to those in transition.
A great book.  Check out the Heath Brothers web site: .

 Stick with us,

Great book by Chip and Dan Heath with lots of content for job seekers!


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